We are very happy to announce that Kwan Lee wil be in Amsterdam this september to share his skills and knowledge with us for the 3th time. 

At the core of all Systema training is hidden work. It is ability to appear only when necessary to do just what is required, and then vanish. This represents the more professional side of Systema, where part of surviving a real- world encounter means escaping detection, before, during, and after. 

This seminar will cover the following areas: 

  • Reading the situation
  • Understanding blind spots
  • Working n the transitions
  • Cloaking intension
  • Shifting your presence
  • Achieving "Frictionless work"
  • Modelating speed to "Stretch time" 

Kwan Lee
is Founder and Director of Systema Seattle. He started his martial arts training at the age of 6 in Shotokan Karate and later studied Chinees Gung Fu, Indonesian Pencak Silat and Philippino Martial Arts with Guru Paul Marrero, who formally introduced him to Systema Founder Vladimir Vasiliev. 

In 2001, Kwan became certified to teach Systema by the Founders Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko and is considered by them as " one of the top instructors of Systema" in the US.

Additionally, Kwan is a structural engineer for commercial and military aerospace, with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.  He is currently teaching private and group classes in Seattle, Washington and seminars around the world.

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 September 

10:00 till 16:00 hour 
Doors open 09:30 hour for registration

Mgr. Bekkerssschool Sportzaal Volendammerweg
Volendammerweg 160 
1024 JR Amsterdam Noord

early bird ticket price until July 1st 2019
whole weekend       € 150                                       
one day                        € 85,-    

normal ticket price after July 1st 2019
whole weekend       € 180,- 
one day                       € 100,-

Registration and Payment:
Registration is open!  A online ticket buy link will be on this page. Your payment and ticket functions as confirmation for the seminar. If any problems with the online ticketservice please contact us. 

Payment by bank transfer
Payment by bank transfer for people for outside the Netherlands. 

Combat & Health Amsterdam
IBAN: NL45INGB0006430601
t.a.v. name, Kwan Lee 2019 

Once we received the money on our account, we will send u mail with the conformation with your spot for the seminar. 

Cancellation Policy:
As soo as the payment has been received, the registration is considered valid and binding. An already received registration/ payment can be cancelled in writing until September 1ste 2019 (processing fee € 50,-). Cancellations after September 1st 2019, as well as participants who are absent form the seminar, forfeit the entire amount of payment. There is no right to a refund of the seminar cost after this date, but another person can take your place.


I can say that Kwan Lee is a real man and a true warrior. He knows how to be a loyal and generous friend and instructor. We are thankful to him for that.” - Mikhail Ryabko


"Certainly one of the top and most experienced Systema Instructors, Mr. Kwan Lee has exceptional skills in Systema. Kwan moves in a true Systema style, smooth and precise, his understanding of every aspect of Systema is deep and profound. Kwan’s fundamental personal integrity, strength and talent make him an outstanding instructor. I know that training with Kwan will make students competent in self defense as well as more healthy and solid individuals.”  - Vladimir Vasiliev 

"Kwan Lee is one of the most “senior” and most experienced Systema Instructors, who with great enthusiasm and selflessness has been bringing his understanding of Systema to people. Kwan’s work stands out with its initiative, individuality, diligence and depth of insight into every topic of study. His methodical approach towards teaching Systema is independent, unique, clear and effective. Kwan’s notable organizational abilities, high energy level and constant strive for knowledge make him a top notch specialist, capable of outstanding presentation of all key elements of Systema.” - Konstantin Komarov