Systema Amsterdam Specials & Seminars

Welcome to our event agenda with specials and seminars with (inter) national senior instructors with the latest up to date knowledge.

These seminars are highly recommended and are very interesting for both beginners and advanced martial artists, sportfighters and anyone interested in realistic self-defense, self-preservation and holistic well-being

A few examples of international seminars that we have organized in Amsterdam: 
Josafath Herrera  (Systema Mexico) 2014 - Matt Hill  (Systema Academy Matt Hill, UK) 2014 - Kwan Lee (Systema Seattle)  2015, 2017, 2019  - Arend Dubbelboer (Systema Emmen, Meppel, Zwolle) 2015 - Alexander Andreichenkov (Systema Moscow HQ) 2016 - Koen Vandersteene (Systema Belgium HQ )2016 - Mikhail Ryabko (Systema Moscow HQ)2017 - Martin Wheeler (Systema Beverly Hills) 2018, 2019  - Adam & Brandon Zettler  (Systema Toronto HQ) 2018 





On invite of the Judobond Nederland Patrick will teach Systema to a group Aikidoka's, Jiu- JItsuka's and Judoka's. 
The topic of this seminar will be Against Tension. 

Dojo Oude Brinkweg te Haren

Saturday 14 December - Times: 14:00 tot 1t:00 hour - instructor: Patrick van het Nederend  


Combative Body - Massage, Stretching & Mobility


Different type of massage, use of pressure point with stretching and mobility training. After the session we will have a small get together with drinks and small snack's before Christmas. 

Patrick is a NESPG certified masseur and did several study's of different types of massage.  He is very interested in- and has deep knowledge of mobility/ movement systems like Systema, Feldenkrais, M- Test and Pravilo. 

Members only for this day! 

Sunday 22 December  - Time: 13:00 - 16:00 hour after that drinks and small snacks.

To be expected..

Adam & Brendon Zettler 2020

Adam & Brendon Zettler 2020

Adam & Brendon Zettler senior systema instructosr from Systema Toronto HQ wil be in Amsterdam 2020.

This will be the 2th time the Twins will be in Amsterdam for a seminar. The topic this seminar will be: Strikes & Fear.

Patrick have been working with Adam on this topic the last couple of visits to Systema Toronto HQ. Adam's knowledge of strikes is deep and profound. This will be a masterclass on Systema Strikes!

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I wanted to send my appreciation and thanks to Patrick who kicked it all off in Amsterdam. He and his group put in the hard work and were able to develop some impressive results in such a short period of time. There are scant few places left in the Systema world where the spirit of HQ resides, and I am happy to say that this school remains one of them.

- Kwan Lee (Senior Instructor Systema Seattle)

Great time in Amsterdam. Great food, great city and a brilliant time doing systema for the police and military course with Patrick Van Het Nederend. If you are thinking about going to Systema Amsterdam to train you should!

- Martin Wheeler (Senior Systema Instructor The Academy Beverly Hills)

Join Patrick van het Nederend an experienced instructor for regular classes and seminars.

- Vladimir Vasiliev (Systema Master Toronto HQ)