Systema Amsterdam Specials & Seminars

Welcome to our event agenda with specials and seminars with (inter) national senior instructors with the latest up to date knowledge.

These seminars are highly recommended and are very interesting for both beginners and advanced martial artists, sportfighters and anyone interested in realistic self-defense, self-preservation and holistic well-being

A few examples of international seminars that we have organized in Amsterdam: 
Josafath Herrera  (Systema Mexico) 2014 - Matt Hill  (Systema Academy Matt Hill, UK) 2014 - Kwan Lee (Systema Seattle)  2015, 2017, 2019  - Arend Dubbelboer (Systema Emmen, Meppel, Zwolle) 2015 - Alexander Andreichenkov (Systema Moscow HQ) 2016 - Koen Vandersteene (Systema Belgium HQ )2016 - Mikhail Ryabko (Systema Moscow HQ)2017 - Martin Wheeler (Systema Beverly Hills) 2018, 2019  - Adam & Brandon Zettler  (Systema Toronto HQ) 2018 


14 & 15 SEPTEMBER 



We are very happy to announce that Kwan Lee wil be in Amsterdam this september to share his skills and knowledge with us for the 3th time. 

"Certainly one of the top and most experienced Systema Instructors, Mr. Kwan Lee has exceptional skills in Systema. Kwan moves in a true Systema style, smooth and precise, his understanding of every aspect of Systema is deep and profound. Kwan’s fundamental personal integrity, strength and talent make him an outstanding instructor. I know that training with Kwan will make students competent in self defense as well as more healthy and solid individuals.”  - Vladimir Vasiliev 

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 September - Times: 10:00 tot 16:00 hour - instructor: Kwan Lee 

24 & 25 SEPTEMBER 


Masterclass on groundwork for police & military only at Systema Amsterdam.
"Martin Wheeler is one of the few instructors who understood Systema very quickly and has a very high level of skill and knowledge. I highly recommend training with him to anyone wot a serious interest in Martial Arts"
- Vladimir Vasiliev, Master of Systema 

Tuesday 24 & Wednesday 25 September- Times: 10:00 tot 15:00 hour - instructor: Martin Wheeler

12 & 13 OCTOBER 



Against Tension will be Patrick's Back from Toronto HQ seminar. He will share training and knowledge from his stay with his mentor Vladimir Vasiliev this August 2019 with this intensive two day seminar. 

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Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 Oktober - Times: 10:00 tot 15:00 hour - instructor: Patrick van het Nederend  

To be expected..

Patrick van het Nederend rest of 2019

Patrick van het Nederend rest of 2019


Learn to spar freely and smoothly and more and more pressure. During this seminar we will view each other, film and give feedback in order to learn to see ourselves faster under pressure.


Physical training for strength and relaxation. Technical training for knowledge how a gun operates, can be used in different ways and how the best way is to disarm the gun in 4 different situations of a threat. Psychological training for learning to deal and overcome stress and fear. And all of the above will be put in fun end drill to test it all out and see if it really works.

Adam & Brendon Zettler beginning 2020

Adam & Brendon Zettler beginning 2020


Adam & Brendon Zettler senior systema instructosr from Systema Toronto HQ wil be in Amsterdam 2020.

This will be the 2th time the Twins will be in Amsterdam for a seminar. The topic this seminar will be: Strikes & Fear.

Patrick have been working with Adam on this topic the last couple of visits to Systema Toronto HQ. Adam's knowledge of strikes is deep and profound. This will be a masterclass on Systema Strikes!

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Vladimir Vasiliev Amsterdam 2020

Vladimir Vasiliev Amsterdam 2020


Vladimir Vasiliev Director and head instructor of Systema Headquarters, Toronto will come to Amsterdam in september 2020.

This will be the 2th time Vladimir will be in Amsterdam for a seminar.

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 "Join Patrick van het Nederend an experienced instructor for regular classes and seminars" 

- Vladimir Vasiliev (Systema Toronto HQ)

"This is a great group led by a solid and cool instructor" 

- Kwan Lee (Senior Instructor/ Systema Seattle)

"Great skillful instructors and a great atmosphere. By far the best Systema in Amsterdam

- Koen Vandersteene (Systema Belgium HQ)