Back from Toronto Systema HQ   

Teachings from Patrick's visit to Systema Toronto HQ this september, to train with Vladimir Vasiliev, Emmanuel Manolakkais and Adam & Brendon Zettler again.

What will we do

Timing, Speed & Distance

A fundamental purpose of training in Systema is to AVOID TENSION, tension in the muscles, in internal organs and psychological tension.

Tension destroys effective self defense movements and completely destroys the person's health psychically and emotionally. Working form fear, anger and ego leeds to fast jerky movements and will provoke the opponent to fight your movements. While working soft and smooth in de speed and movement of the attack will become hard to notice or even unnoticed. In other words Don't let your opponent finish to fail what he is doing. 

Beginners to advanced martial artist from all martial arts and fighting sports are welcome to join!


Patrick van het nederend 

Saturday 22 September 

Time: 10:00 to 15:00 hour

Cost: € 15,- for Systema Amsterdam members or € 35,- for non Systema Amsterdam members

Location: Combat & Health Academy Amsterdam, Velbiesstraat 6a, Amsterdam Noord.

25 pers max for this event.  14 Tickets left!

Food & Drinks

Water and fruits will be available for you. We will have a small break about 15 min half way the day.

Registration & Payment  


"Join Patrick van het Nederend an experienced instructor for regular classes and seminars" 

- Vladimir Vasiliev (Systema Toronto HQ)

"This is a great group led by a solid and cool instructor" 

- Kwan Lee (Senior Instructor/ Systema Seattle)

"Great skillful instructors and a great atmosphere. By far the best Systema in Amsterdam

- Koen Vandersteene (Systema Belgium HQ)