UITVERKOCHT - Systema Amsterdam Special  - Gun work & disarm 

Physical,  tactical and psychological training to improve your chances of survival.

Physical training for strength and relaxation. Technical training for knowledge how a gun operates, can be used in different ways and how the best way is to disarm the gun in 4 different situations of a threat.  Psychological training for learning to deal and overcome stress and fear. And all of the above will be put in fun end drill to test it all out and see if it really works.

This special; will be a 20 persons max event. Training guns will be at the gym. 

Gun Work

  • How to load and unload a gun
  • Technical gun drills solo
  • Technical gun drills with partner 

Gun Disarm 

  • Pre-emptive work 
  • Working from contact
  • Working at close range 
  • Working in stepping range 



Patrick van het Nederend

Saturday 27 October 

Time: 10:00 to 15:00 hour

Cost: € 25,- for Systema Amsterdam members or € 45,- for non Systema Amsterdam members

Location: Combat & Health Academy Amsterdam, Velbiesstraat 6a, Amsterdam Noord.

Spaces are limited to 20 pers.  UITVERKOCHT!

Food & Drinks

Water and fruits will be available for you. We will have a small break about 15 min half way the day.