Systema Amsterdam Fundaentals series

2 day Systema Intensive Seminar
Instructor: Patrick van het Nederend 

With all the topics we go in deepness to the questions - Why we do it? Whats it fore? How should we train it? What is the relationship to it all? How should we break it down or build it up to my needs? 

  • Systema Breathing 
  • Combative Body/ Massage
  • Flexibility & Strengthening 
  • Working with and against Relaxation and/ or Tension
  • Strikes and Kicks - Giving and Receiving 
  • Heaviness
  • Awareness
  • Precision and Power  
  • From Drill to Free work to Applied work 



In Systema we don't learn techniques but study principles. This is hard because we all have te tendentie to need support in life. If there are no techniques curriculum to remember and belts to obtain how do you know you learned something? Systema has no fixed stances or vorm, it is creative, natural and free but therefore hard to grasp and learn. If we know what we are looking for and see the Structure of this Freedom we can learn better, quicker and use it in everything we do in training and life itself. 

The fundamentals seminars focus on the 4 main principles and will  not be limited by a specific setting and/ or tool. It is more about how we should study, learn, check and where to look for in training.

Beginners to advanced martial artist from all martial arts and fighting sports are welcome to join!

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 November 

Time: 10:00 to 15:00 hour

Cost: € 50,- for Systema Amsterdam members or € 90,- for non Systema Amsterdam members.

Location: Combat & Health Academy Amsterdam, Velbiesstraat 6a, Amsterdam Noord.

 Spaces will be limited to 25 people!. 4 Tickets left!

Food & Drinks

Water and fruits will be available for you. We will have a small break about 15 min half way the day.

Registration & Payment 


"Join Patrick van het Nederend an experienced instructor for regular classes and seminars" 

- Vladimir Vasiliev (Systema Toronto HQ)

"This is a great group led by a solid and cool instructor" 

- Kwan Lee (Senior Instructor/ Systema Seattle)

"Great skillful instructors and a great atmosphere. By far the best Systema in Amsterdam

- Koen Vandersteene (Systema Belgium HQ)