Structure of Creativity by David Mundi

Structure of Creativity by David Mundi

Sat 15 & Sun 16 July

David Mundi is Chief Instructor and Founder of H2H Tactics based in Adelaide, Australia. Since the year 2000 he has and continues to, travel the world to gain more knowledge and skills to pass onto his clients to ensure they have the most current combative and tactical skills available to them.

With experience in executive protection, security operations and close personal protection, he has an extensive understanding of security, defence and tactical needs from all aspects.

This seminar aims to explore the principles creative problem-solving with Systema's practical self-defence to enhance one's ability to protect oneself and others in a variety of situations.

Topics Covered:


Understanding the principles of Systema and how they can be applied to problem-solving
Learning techniques to defend oneself in a variety of situations, including standing, ground, and multiple attackers
Developing situational awareness and how to use it to anticipate and prevent potential threats
Understanding the psychology of conflict and how to de-escalate tense situations
Developing a mindset of adaptability and creativity in problem-solving and self-defence situations


Who Should Attend:

This seminar is open to anyone interested in improving their problem-solving skills and learning practical self-defence techniques. Whether you have experience in martial arts or not, this seminar is designed to be accessible to everyone.

Vladimir Vasiliev Testimonial on David:

David Mundi has many years of training in Systema, and despite the big distance from Australia, he visits my school in Toronto regularly.
David is very skilled at hand to hand combat, weapons, and health practices.
Davis has a strong warrior's spirit and as an instructor, he is always looking for new ways to present Systema to his Students.
I recommend David for students of any background or experience level.

Vladimir Vasiliev
Systema Headquarters Toronto

Time & Cost:

Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 July  - 11:00 - 16: 30 hour - Cost € 150,-

Combat & Heath Academy Amsterdam, Veldbiesstraat 6a Amsterdam Noord


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