Systema Amsterdam Seminar Series

Next to our 8 regular classes a week we have 6 to 8 times a year seminars with specific topics that will give our students an extra layer of information and experience that will love their training boost.  

These seminars a highly recommended for totally beginners and highly experienced martial artists. The teachings are clear and understandable for each persons level of skill and understanding of martial art. 

Next Systema Amsterdam Seminar



Saturday 18 April

Controle the person, not the weapon or Controle the weapon by controlling the person!

Perhaps a controversial way of looking at disarming tactics for some, but what is really the danger in the end ? The weapon itself or the person handling it?

This seminar we will study this subject by controlling structure, tension and applying pain against armed person(s).

10:00 to 15:00 hour

Members € 30,- and Non Members € 50,-

Combat & Health Academy Amsterdam

Veldbiesstraat 6a, Amsterdam

"I wanted to send my appreciation and thanks to Patrick who kicked it all off in Amsterdam. He and his group put in the hard work and were able to develop some impressive results in such a short period of time. 
There are scant few places left in the Systema world where the spirit of HQ resides, and I am happy to say that this school remains one of them."

- Kwan Lee (Senior Instructor Systema Seattle)


Patrick van het Nederend

Patrick van het Nederend

Where is the information and knowledge coming from what we teach in our seminar?

Patrick travels twice a year to Systema HQ Toronto to be trained and coached there by Vladimir Vasiliev. These trips are generally two intensive training weeks including private training with a weekend or a masterclass on the weekend. Immersed every day for two weeks in information from the Master himself! See how Vladimir prepares for a seminar in the lessons prior to the seminar and how he checks you if you understand everything that was discussed in the seminar the week after the seminar. The topics, which Vladimir chooses very carefully every time, the structure and the deeper layers in it, can really learn to understand well and how to train with this.

Next to the Toronto HQ trips he sees Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko when they are teaching seminar in Europe.

Other Systema mentors and close friends of Systema Amsterdam are Kwan Lee, Adam & Brendon Zettler and Martin Wheeler. Patrick will meet up with them for talks, training, seminars and private classes at least two times a year in Amsterdam, Europe and/ or Toronto. 

Also most of our members doing seminars of the Masters and Senior Instructors inter- nationally and even visit Systema Toronto and Moscow HQ. That knowledge and energy we bring back in our school to share with you. 

"Join Patrick van het Nederend an experienced instructor for regular classes and seminars."

- Vladimir Vasiliev (Systema Master Toronto HQ

"Great time in Amsterdam. Great food, great city and a brilliant time doing systema for the police and military course with Patrick Van Het Nederend. If you are thinking about going to Systema Amsterdam to train you should!"

- Martin Wheeler (Senior Systema Instructor The Academy Beverly Hills)

More than 60 international seminars,  10 trips to Systema Tronto HQ, numberless private classes with our mentors during the last 5 years. Here are some of the moments... And still going strong!